A Dedicated Advocate Fighting For Your Labor Rights

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Everyone deserves to be treated fairly at work and to have a safe environment in which to do his or her job. However, this is often not the case, and workers instead face discrimination, harassment and other labor and employment issues. These situations can be traumatizing and frustrating, and those facing them can benefit from the advice and counsel of an experienced attorney.

I am Soraya Yanar Hanshew, solo practitioner at The Hanshew Law Firm, PLLC, in El Paso, Texas. My law firm provides skilled representation for a broad range of employment matters, including labor issues, wrongful termination, sexual harassment and discrimination cases based on age, gender, race, disability or other factors. I also handle suits related to workers’ compensation retaliation, unemployment appeals; administrative hearings and appeals; wage and hour claims and administrative matters before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) or the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC).

In addition to workers’ rights matters, my firm is also prepared to assist with complex civil litigation, contract claims, civil rights lawsuits and consumer rights abridgement suits. Services in this area range from legal counseling to representation of state agencies with administrative concerns to advocacy during grievance proceedings.

A Dedicated Advocate Fighting For Your Labor Rights

At a young age, I saw the complexities involved in the legal process and wanted to be the voice for those who didn’t have one. I completed my law degree at Stanford Law School in 2001. I began my career as a complex civil litigator at the San Francisco office of the international law firm, Thelen, Reid & Priest before returning to Texas in 2004 to practice in the public sector, first as an Assistant District Attorney and later as a labor and employment advocate and litigator.

My El Paso law firm is one of the few in this area dedicated primarily to employment law. Most of my practice is employee representation, but I am also able to represent employers. My goal is to make my clients as comfortable and at-ease as possible, helping them to feel confident that their case is in good hands. From the first inception of your case, I will be a strong advocate for you in mediation, arbitration, litigation or at trial.

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